facial waxing


Did you happen to catch a glimpse of yourself in the rearview mirror while jumping into the car and think “oh my gosh, where did THAT come from?” We’ve all been there, let us take care of that stash, chin, sideburn or cheek hair for you!


Let us take care of that stash, chin or cheek hair for you!

| Side burns $10 |

Do you sometimes feel like Hulk Hogan? We can tidy up those side burns to complete the perfect sleek ponytail

| Cheeks & Forehead $15 |

Sometimes getting rid of those pesky hairs makes all the difference.

| Hairline & Back of Neck $15 |

The perfect pony tail does exist when the neck line is clean.

| Nose waxing $10 |

Get rid of those unwanted nose hairs with our pain free nose waxing!

| Full Face $30 |

This includes lip, chin, side burns, cheeks & forehead.