The Brow Room Hamilton Ontario

About Us

The Brow Room, located in Hamilton, ON, specializes in brow corrections and shaping for those who have had brow trauma. At The Brow Room your brows are put into brow rehab to rebuild and regrow your natural lines. We believe natural lines should always stay at their fullest point.

We use all natural organic facial wax to remove the fine hair or bulk of hair while tweezing the shape. This allows us to leave hair behind in areas our clients need a little more TLC.

Just tweeze is an option for our clients who are unable to use wax.

We offer all Brow services here from shaping, tinting to microblading, shading and nano.

In addition to our Brow Services we also offer Lash lifting, body waxing & barbering services for men.

The Brow Room houses The Hamilton Hair Extensions Loft for all your hair extension needs.

The Brow Room Hamilton Ontario


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