Not sure what you need to do with your brows? That’s what we are here for. Book a free consultation and we can walk you through step by step to get your brows on the right journey to your own brow goals.



The Brow Room’s expertise will ensure you get to where you want to be with your custom brow goals. We will ensure that your brows will be grown out and reshaped to their natural lines with a little bit of patience and a whole lot of love, your brows can be #browgoals.

| Just TweezE $18 |

Get your eyebrows done without the use of wax.

| BROW TINT $13 |

One colour does not fit all! We choose a custom colour for your brows to give them the illusion that the brow is more dense and defined. Tinting doesn’t necessarily mean we need to make your brows darker, sometimes they just need a little TLC for a glossy finish.


| BROW HENNA $50 |

If you’re tired of drawing on your brows day to day and not ready to make the plunge to semi permanent cosmetics, Brow Henna is your new BFF. Brow Henna comes in multiple shades and can last 10-21 days pending your skin care routine. Heads up, you do not want to try Brow Henna the day of a big event. Brow Henna needs a day or two to oxidize and settle.

| Fluffy Brow $150 |

Brow lamination is all the rage right now. This process is for clients with little to a lot of brow hair to give the illusion of “fluffy brows”. This service includes shape & tint.


Semi-Permanent Brows



Microblading is a semi permanent feathering technique used to make the appearance of fuller, more dense brow. Unlike previous cosmetic tattooing which create a block-like affect, microblading strokes are created one by one, customizing your individual shape. Microblading is done with a manual tool that is used to cut into the skin to create the hair stroke and pigment is later added. Although Microblading is more superficial than other semi permanent cosmetics, this method does create more damage to the skin and is a longer healing process.Typically clients will have scabbing for 7-14 days. Microblading is not suggested for a long term solution for your brows. Microblading is a two step process that needs to be completed within 6-8 weeks.

Microblading 1 year(+) touch up starting at $100

Microblading touch up on another artists work $250 per session

| NANO BROW $700 |

Nano Brow is a newer technology to microblading. Nano, like Microblading, is also a feather technique that creates the appearance of a fuller, denser brow. Unlike Microblading, Nano can cross strokes creating more depth with the illusion of a 3D effect. Nano is done with a single fine needle that has precise, natural, curved strokes. Nano punchers the skin to embed the pigment which goes deeper than Microblading, this method can last double the lifespan of Microblading. Because of how fine the Nano needle is, this procedure isn’t as damaging to the skin which will allow you to do touch ups without harsh long term effects. Healing time for Nano Brow is 5-7 days with a light dry flaking.

Nano 1 year (+) touch up starting at $150

Micro to Nano switch $350 PER session

Prices are for current Brow Room clients with Kylie’s microblading work. If you currently have another artists work and would like a touch up with Nano Brow you will be charged full price. See above for details and pricing.